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Call Waiting

Don't miss a call while you're on the phone!


Speed Calling

Reach those whom you call most often more easily!


3-Way Calling

Add a 3rd party to your conversation!


Remote Access

Activate/Deactivate Call Forwarding from any phone.


Call Forwarding

Forwarding your calls is as easy as 1-2-3!


More Call Forwarding

When you're on the other line or away.                                                


What is Local Calling?   Any customer with Basic Telephone service from our exchanges (862, 652, 585, 282) may call another one of our exchanges toll free.


For even greater savings on your Long Distance bill, refer to our Area Calling Plan to expand your Local Calling area!
What is an Area Calling Plan?


An Area Calling Plan allows you to control the flexibility of your local and long distance calling charges.  You may call anyone in the cities listed and instead of being a toll call, it is now part of your local service. Each call to these areas is "measured" for conversation time, and you are billed at a reduced rate for calls that were once toll. You will find the current tariffed rates below for each summary table. You only have to dial 7-digits (1+662 is NOT required). You also enjoy a reduced local service rate, summarized billing (itemized is available upon request for an additional charge) as well as unlimited calls to any city within the Band "C" from your exchange. For more information, call one of our Customer Service Representatives today!

 Fulton Exchange | 862         Mantachie Exchange | 282         Tremont Exchange  |  652        Fairview Exchange  |  585

Nexband Communications

AT&T Communications

MCI WorldCom

LCI (Qwest Communications)


Global Crossing (Frontier)



For a complete list, call or stop by our offices!


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